Donate to Support Our Students

Direct donations to Orchard Hill Christian Preschool & Child Care in Grand Rapids, Michigan support our students. Your generous financial gift can provide a lot, including:

$1,000 Full Year Attendance Donation

Covers a full year of preschool tuition for one student.

$500 One Month Child Care Donation

Funds a full time child care student for a month.

$250 2 Months Preschool Donation

Allows two months of preschool for a child in need in our community.

$150 Food Donation

Covers food expenses for one full time child in our program.

$125 One Month Preschool Donation

Funds a month of preschool for a child in need in our community.

$90 Activity Donation

Covers the activity fee for an entire school year for a child, allowing them to attend all of our educational field trips.

$20 Registration Donation

Pays the registration fee for one family during our summer or fall program.

Any Donation Helps!

You can donate here to the students of Orchard Hill Christian Preschool and Childcare Center through a secure Paypal page. Thank you for your support.